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New Housing in Lahaina

Prefabricated houses are being installed in Lahaina to help residents who lost their homes in last August's wildfires. Why is this newsworthy? If you're like me, you're picturing something resembling a storage shed. Not so! These are attractive and resemble the contemporary and Scandinavian-style small houses that are popular today. Not only that, but they may be purchased by residents for use on their own land when they are able to do so.

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Mar 06

Thanks for sharing this article. These homes are lovely - I would certainly live in one. I like small and simple. I especially like the home in the second photo. They are described as "temporary"? I think I would be happy in one of those permanently. If they are temporary, what will happen to them when people move out? I'd love to see interior photos.

Replying to

I wish they had included interior pictures, too. They are adorable. I'd love to live in one. Other than the resident buying his/her home in the future, I don't know what will happen to the houses.

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