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Maunalua Bay and Beyond

I took this picture on September 17, 2009, just a few minutes after visiting Kahala Beach to pay my respects to Jack and Marie. It shows Maunalua Bay. Koko Head rises to the left, while Hanauma rises to the right.

The houses close to water's edge are in the Portlock neighborhood. One of those houses is the Kaiser Estate, where Leonard Tokura (Ricardo Montalban) lived in "Samurai" (Season 1). Another is the house where McGarrett caught up with Betty (Loretta Swit) in "Bait Once, Bait Twice" (Season 4).

The ridge between Koko Head and Hanauma is where Carolyn Thorpe (Valerie Charles) fell to her death in "Invitation to Murder" (Season 10) after being told that she had a form of Parkinson's that would keep her from painting ever again. It is also where the showdown took place in "Voice of Terror" (Season 12) as Five-0 and the HPD tried to recover kidnapped HPD patrol woman Sally Dean (Mary Angela Shea) from the grips of terrorists Karl (Cal Bellini) and Willa (Anne Zimmelman).

Just the other side of Hanauma is Hanauma Bay. There, McGarrett sped down the lane when Hennessy's body was recovered in "Cocoon" (Pilot). There, too, Walter Gregson (Lloyd Bochner) tried to kill his wife, Sally (Laraine Stephens) in "Beautiful Screamer" (Season 3). He already had killed Danno's girlfriend, Jane Michaels (Anne Archer) at the tennis club and then nearly killed Danno at Hanauma Bay. And, then, in "The Defector" (Season 8), McGarrett and Dr. Grant Ormsbee (Pat Hingle) were meeting there with Naval Intelligence when a cyclist from the spy ring they were pursuing tried to kill the defector, Chaing (Soon Tek Oh).

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Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Jul 10, 2021

What lovely pictures, H50! Thank you for sharing them. And Chapeau! for the work you put into identifying those places in Five-0 episodes.

BTW this "combination" of Koko Head and Hanauma is said to be called "Big Lizard". Very fitting.

Jul 10, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Steve's Girl!

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