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Let's Watch an Episode - Week 6

This week, we're going to watch another Good Ben episode, "Journey Out of Limbo" (Season 6). Like others we've seen, this is a Danno episode; however, in this case, Danno is incapacitated, and that gives Ben and Chin Ho a chance to come to the forefront.

As always, watch the episode during the week; then, join in the discussion with your observations, questions, and opinions next weekend.

Have a great week! Aloha!

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Yes! Another one on my top 10 list. Maybe I can actually get this one watched this week! Loving the comments that are posted though and many thanks to those that do! One off the cuff comment quick from memory of my many viewings of this is I love the scene toward the beginning where Steve is pacing outside of the exam room waiting for word on Danno’s condition, and then again when he goes in to Danny’s room to see him. You can see the concern and worry clearly and how much he cares for Danny. It does tie in to last week’s episode - another scene in a hospital corridor - when Danny says “maybe you don’t know…


Oct 11, 2021

One of my favorite episodes! Looking forward to watching it again and to the discussion. Have a great week, everyone!

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