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Let's Watch an Episode - Week 5

First of all, many thanks to Honu for her very valuable contributions to last week's episode, "For a Million, Why Not?"

This week, we are going to watch a Good Ben (Kokua) episode, "Pig in a Blanket" (Season 5). It is not an easy episode to watch, for we lose master marksman HPD Sgt. Olena, who saved the Five-0 Team in "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney" (Season 2). In 1972, when "Pig in a Blanket" first aired, drive-by shooters were far from commonplace. This was evil at its worst, and there was even more evil behind it.

Watch the episode some time during this week. Then, next weekend, we'll have our discussion. Aloha!

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Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
Oct 08, 2021

Though this is an episode that shows Ben off duty which doesn't happen often, to me Danny's behavior is more important.

Again, like in "And They Painted Daisies...", his career is at stake because he shot a man. And here is another fine example of Steve's compassion, loyalty, and trust in Danny. He says he trusts Danny because he is a seasoned cop of 10 years.

But to me it seems Danny didn't grow much as a person since "Daisies". In "Daisies" he complained what a stinking job being a cop was. Here he declares himself guilty in front of c a m e r a s and hands Steve his gun and badge, also in front of cameras.



Great choice. I thought of this when we watched “Daisies” a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s comments.

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