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Let's Watch an Episode - Week 3 - Discussion

The Gigli bone saw was far from new technology when it appeared in “The Flip Side is Death.” It was invented in 1894 by Leonardo Gigli in Italy to help surgeons cut through bone, primarily in amputations, where cuts have to be clean. It was also taken on Skylab missions as an efficient means of cutting through metal.

In the episode, the Gigli saw cut through both metal and bone. The fake army soldiers cut through metal bars when they broke into the bank in Kahuku. Tally Green (Don Stroud) used it to saw through Joe Keao’s (Gerald Waialae) neck before leaving his body in the back of the delivery van in the middle of the countryside.

For reasons unknown, Tally chose a different weapon when he killed Louie Pahia (Frank Liu), a shiv in the back aboard an elevator at the Kuilima Resort (now Turtle Bay) on Oahu’s North Shore. Further, at the sugar mill, Tally used still another weapon, a gun, when he tried to kill Danno.

Gruesome all around, but then, that’s the kind of man Tally Green was. I surely wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him.

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