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Let's Watch an Episode - Week 2

Many thanks to all who participated in Week 1's viewing of "Over Fifty? Steal." Everyone picked up on some great points and gave us a chance to enjoy Lewis Avery Filer's antics once again.

This week, we'll watch and discuss "And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin" (Season 1). Not an easy one to watch or discuss, so we'll need to put on our thinking caps for this one. For a little incentive, think of "Big Chicken." Oh, what a weasel!

Have a great week!

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Haven’t watched this one again in ages. Good suggestion. It was nice to see the relationship between all of the team in early days as they all worked together to get the evidence they needed to clear Danno. I didn’t realize until I looked it up one time after watching this and thinking “Ann” seemed familiar that she was “Miss Beetle” from Little House on the Prairie. That was such an interesting point from the previous comment about Miranda being fairly new when this episode was written. We forget that it would have been new at that time and a huge sea change for these officers. All around a good early episode, and not the last we’ll see of Big…

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