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Let's Watch an Episode - Results

We received three nominations for Let's Watch an Episode. Needless to say, the winner is too close to call with so few responses, so we'll watch one each week for the next three weeks, starting with the first to be nominated and ending with the most recent to be nominated. Here's the lineup:

Week of September 5-11 - - - "Over Fifty? Steal"

Week of September 12-18 - - - "And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin"

Week of September 19-25 - - - "The Flip Side is Death"

Some time during the work week, watch the week's episode. If you have questions or comments as you watch, post them here. Then, over the weekend, we'll discuss interesting, confusing, conflicting, etc. details about the episode -- or anything else you would like to add.

Have fun!

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