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We’ve had four nominations for episodes to watch during November. Here’s the breakdown:

Week of October 31 – November 6 : “Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember” (Season 1)

Week of November 7 – 13 : “3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu” (Season 4)

Week of November 14 – 20 : “The Guarnerius Caper” (Season 3)

Week of November 21 – 27 : Thanksgiving Week (No challenge. The turkey dinner and pumpkin pie will keep us busy.)

Week of November 28 – December 4 : “The Ways of Love” (Season 1)

Many thanks to all who entered their nominations. This week, we will watch “Pray Love Remember . . .” and post our comments, questions, etc. this coming weekend.

In the words of the top cop, “Be here! Aloha!”

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