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Lest We Forget: Palm Sunday

Jeff Jacobs / Pixabay

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pecatta mundi, dona eis requiem. (Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, give us peace.)

This is Palm Sunday, the day when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, while those he passed waved palm fronds and lay them for him to pass over. Interestingly, these people loved Jesus, while those who beat and insulted him on the way to Calvary a scant five days later hated him.

Friday will be Good Friday. What was good about it? One thing: It was the day Jesus died for our sins in order that we might establish a relationship with Our Dear Heavenly Father. What a price Jesus paid, being beaten with straps and stone until he had been stripped of his skin all the way down to his bones and internal organs. His blood pressure was so high from the stress that he sweated blood.

Thank you, Dear Sweet Jesus, for loving me enough to endure that horrible death in order to save me from my sins. Amen.

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