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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Jack is sitting in the bend of his and Marie’s long, white sofa. A pot of white flowers adorns their marble-top coffee table. In the adjoining dining room, Marie has laid the table with a beautiful cake, bottles of champagne, and her best china, silver, and crystal.

Jack is having fun with us, tossing out questions for us to answer. He has set only one rule for us to follow:  Each of us can answer ONLY 1 of the following 10 questions:

1.      Where did Jack study after he finished high school?
2.      What rank did Jack achieve in the Merchant Marine?
3.      How did Jack and Marie first meet?
4.      How did Jack discover that he wanted to act?
5.      What award did Jack win for his appearance in “The Traveling Lady?”
6.      In what performance did he appear with Sean Connery?
7.      In what performance did he appear as Frank Thompson?
8.      What was Jack and Marie’s address on Kahala Beach?
9.      Was “No Greater Love” a stage play, movie, television show, or other?
10.  How long were Jack and Marie married?

Bonus. Jack decided to pull a sneaky one and asked a technical question: In The Doomsday Flight, an aneroid bomb was planted aboard an aircraft that was set to explode when the plane descended below 4,000 feet. How was the aircraft able to land safely?
Homework.  Don’t forget to tend to your studies. Your assignment is to watch The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell. You can find it on YouTube: It is the first of two movies in which Jack appeared with his role model, Gary Cooper.

Extra Credit. Before you leave, be sure to tell Marie how much you like her cake. The first one she made disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She suspects Jack of eating it but can’t prove it. What would you advise her to do in order to solve the mystery of the missing cake?
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