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International Marketplace

The "real" International Marketplace was a popular place in its heyday. Then, local artisans could ply their wares without competition from the corporate bigwigs from the mainland. You know who I mean. The Marketplace featured kiosks and stalls, which were sited beneath a gargantuan banyan tree. It had a touch of European market day and a touch of hippiedom. It was loved by all who visited, whether they wanted jewelry, posters, tee shirts, books, or more.

Five-0 stars and guest stars often found their names and pictures on posters at the entrance to the International Marketplace. They sang in their real lives and often performed at the Marketplace. Here are two we noted.

First, of course, is Gilbert "Zulu" Kauhi -- Detective Kono Kalakaua, who shared his surname with Hawaiian royalty, although the series never came out and said whether they were actually related. We like to think they were.

"30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key" Hawaii Five-0. Leonard Freeman Productions / CBS Television, 1973.

Melveen Leed charmed us with her wonderfully melodic (and flirtatious) rendition of "My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua" in the episode "Number One With a Bullet." In that episode, as well as in "A Short Walk on the Long Shore" and "The Skyline Killer," she portrayed nightclub owner, Sally, who said she wanted to have a relationship with McGarrett. As usual, his mind was on his work (Shame on you, McGarrett!).

Entrance to International Marketplace 2013 (Jaspa's Journal)

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