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Interesting Comments from Leonard Freeman

Leonard Freeman, creator and executive producer of Hawaii Five-0, had these things to say about how Hawaii Five-0 came to be:

"I went to Honolulu three years ago for the purpose of setting a TV series there, and during an interview with Governor Burns, he told me about this unit. He gave me my series right there, something a little different than another Naked City or Dragnet, and with the faces of Hawaii, I figured it would have a new look."

"I'm doing a police series now because I realized that the life-and-death issue in drama is the only saleable thing as far as TV is concerned."

"TV is a Kamikaze mission. No matter where your show is, the odds are very bad."

It seems that Hawaii Five-0 wasn't the first show set in Hawaii that CBS considered:

Author Hal Humphrey wrote, " . . . CBS considered a Hawaii-based series more than 10 years ago. It was to be called Hart of Honolulu, and the late Dennis O'Keefe had been signed to play the writer-adventurer hero. Harry Ackerman was CBS' Hollywood program chief then (he's at Screen Gems now), and after he left Hart of Honolulu was shelved."

Source: Humphrey, Hal. Behind The Scenes: Producer Tries Island Magic, TV Times, Los Angeles Times. November 17-23, 1968

Many thanks to Mike Quigley for sending this article.

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