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I've Been All Around the Block

What started out as an unexpected find of a pictorial homage to Hayley Mills on YouTube became an interesting, albeit contorted, journey of familiar names. Consider the following:

Hayley starred with James MacArthur in "The Truth About Spring."

James MacArthur, of course, went on to appear as Dan "Danno" Williams in 259 episodes of "Hawaii Five-0."

Hayley starred with Michael Anderson, Jr. in "Tiger Bay" and "In Search of the Castaways."

Michael Anderson, Jr. appeared in four episodes of "Hawaii Five-0," including "To Kill or Be Killed," "The Sunday Torch," "How to Steal a Masterpiece," and "Nine Dragons."

Michael Anderson, Jr. appeared in an episode of "Stoney Burke" entitled "The Gold-Plated Maverick."

Rounding third and heading home, we remember that Hayley Mills' sister, Juliet Mills, appeared as Lady Sybil Danby in an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" entitled "Termination With Extreme Prejudice."

'Tis a small, small world in which we live.

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