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How Can We Help?

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No matter when or where a war occurs, its veterans return home with battle scars. Some are physical scars; some are emotional. In the past, emotional scars were known as shell shock and battle fatigue. Today, when more is known about it, it is known as post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short. It means the veteran has experienced or witnessed things no human being ever should have to experience or witness.

These veterans may withdraw into their own shells. They may become abusive, as though they are still fighting the battle. Some may be forced to leave home, either by a landlord or a divorce. To cope, these veterans have been known to turn to alcohol, and drugs. In any case, they fall too often into a dark hole from which some never emerge.

Jack understood what these veterans were going through. He had experienced some of the same problems in his war, World War II. His ship was torpedoed and sank in seven minutes. He was one of few to make it to a lifeboat. He saw others go down with the ship. He experienced physical scars from the ordeal, such as the scar beside his right eye. He experienced emotional scars, such as the way he appeared in the final scene of "When Does a War End?" (Season 10). Jack served recovering veterans at Tripler Army Hospital (now, Medical Center). He visited on a regular basis. He gave a speech and spoke with the veterans. His words and efforts touched others deeply.

Not everyone in need is a veteran. We have women and children who have been abused and are homeless. Some sleep in their cars; some sleep in cardboard boxes. They find food hard to come by; food stamps don't go as far as they should, after all. They find jobs hard to come by; after all, one must have a permanent mailing address (no post office box numbers allowed) in order to apply for work.

And we call ourselves the wealthiest nation in the world? Maybe our wallets are thick, but our hearts are shrinking steadily. Let's see what we can do to turn things around. One of the greatest areas of need right now is homes for those who have been displaced -- and they are many, especially since the pandemic began in 2020. Communities don't like RV parks and tiny houses. They don't like charitable organizations to erect cabins to help the homeless. And, yet, when properly managed to see that residents receive the care they need, as well as roofs over their heads, they can be highly successful. Finland, for example, has virtually wiped out homelessness. Take a look at this video: How Finland Ended Homelessness - YouTube.

Give it some thought.

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