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Great Car / Boat Chase

Five-0 had some good car chases, but none came close to equaling the car / boat chase near the end of “6,000 Deadly Tickets” (Season 7).

Win Lo (Kwan Hi Lim) and Fred Burke (Jack Hogan) are selling stolen airplane tickets when  federal agent Harry Rosen (Jack Kosslyn) puts Five-0 on the case. He suggests that they set up the thieves by pretending to want to buy a thousand tickets at $50 each. Rosen is identified by Burke at the first meeting, at Tantalus Lookout. After Burke and Shige (Tommy Fujuwara) retreat, a second meeting is scheduled to be held at the boat rental shed on the Ala Wai Canal, next to the McCully Street overpass. There, Burke shoots Rosen, grabs the briefcase containing the $50,000, and jumps aboard a speed boat. While the boat speeds down the Ala Wai Canal, toward open seas, Five-0 gives chase on either side of the canal.

McGarrett, driving the ’68 Park Lane, speeds along the Ala Wai Promenade, now the site of the Honolulu Convention Center, ducking to avoid Burke’s bullets all along the way. Near the end, he slams on the brakes, causing the car to skid sideways, spewing mud as it slides to a stop. McGarrett turns around, and a black Lincoln that is meant to be the Park Lane, speeds back toward Kalakaua Avenue.

The Park Lane appears on Ala Moana Boulevard, just before the bridge over the canal, with the Ilikai standing tall in the background. McGarrett shoots the driver of the boat (name unknown), and Burke surrenders. Soon, Danno and Nick (Danny Kamekona) are off to arrest Win Low.

We learn that Rosen has a good chance of surviving.

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