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From Our Own Honu59

She writes, "Here’s another Christmas song that I jotted down quickly yesterday. Enjoy! Sing to the tune of “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

Five-O working on an open case

Steve is pacing by his chair

Dan and Chin sift through evidence files

And Kono’s hungry as a bear.

Everybody knows some take-out food from Uncle Lee’s

Will help to ease their frazzled nerves

Egg rolls, rice and some spicy lo mein

Along with all those yummy hors'devours.

They know the order’s on its way

Jenny called it in much earlier today

And though they’ve been at work since half past eight

These men will stay here until this case they break.

And so, I’m offering my two cents’ worth

For this sweet holiday of mirth

Take time off from the crime-fighting beat

Dinner’s here, it’s time to eat.

Many thanks, Honu! Enjoy, everyone!

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I tried to create a poll to ask which of Jack's performances were our favorites. Unfortunately, the poll feature doesn't seem to be working properly, so I took it down. Let's try this, instead: Please



Thanks so much, I'm happy that you enjoyed it. It was fun to write!



Great song, Mahalo!


Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl

Like it very much, Honu! Had to look up the song first,LOL, now I like it even more, more LOL.

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