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An anonymous writer said, “The genius of the show [Hawaii Five-0] was creating the concept of a fictional state police agency, because that basically gave the writers the flexibility to go in different directions.”

On the one hand, they could investigate traditional police cases, such as “Target – A Cop” (Season 9). These cases often seemed like ones the HPD would handle. On Hawaii Five-0, we sometimes forget that police departments have investigative branches of their own. One certainly would be quick to investigate anyone tapping into their police radio conversations with the intention of committing crimes. It is safe to assume that, if those crimes were to be committed against the department, “all hands on deck” would be the order of the day.

On the other hand, the Five-0 Team could solve high-level intelligence cases, such as we saw in “Cocoon” (Pilot) and “Murder – Eyes Only” (Season 8). Other excellent examples are the three Dr. Grant Ormsbee (Pat Hingle) episodes, including “The Defector” (Season 8), in which Five-0 works with Naval Intelligence to bring a spy ring to justice.


Many thanks to Mike Quigley for sharing the anonymous writer’s quotation.

If the anonymous writer sees this, please tell us who you are, so we can give you due credit. Mahalo!

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