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Fisherman's Wharf

Photographer Unknown

We saw the cocktail bar (right side of photograph) in "24 Karat Kill" (Season 1). It was opposite the place in Kewalo Basin where Johnny Fargo (Kaz Garas) moored his fishing boat, the Alika, a name we would hear again later in the series. McGarrett received a pack of lies from Fargo, then entered the bar to speak with the bartender, Al (Mark LeBuse). Again receiving a pack of lies, McGarrett dove into the mystery of the slain young mother with renewed energy. No one lies to McGarrett and gets away with it.

The Fisherman's Wharf restaurant (left side of photograph) was very popular in its day, from the post-war 1940s until more than sixty years later. In its heyday, patrons lined up out the door, waiting to get a table. The restaurant was razed in 2014, but some of the artifacts were retained with plans to use them on the site at a future time.

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