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Discovering Hawaii

Hanauma Bay to Kailua

Halona Cove (Webmaster)

In this video, Hawaii John takes us up the windward side (eastern seaboard) of O’ahu, between Hanauma Bay and Kailua. We will travel along Highway 72, the Kalaniana’ole Highway. Numerous episodes were filmed along the way. Sadly, some of the filming locations are not visible from the road, but we will recognize them by their names, most of which appear on screen.

We’re going to do something different this week. I’ll list places that are (or were) sited along the way. You need to name an episode in which they appeared. Some appeared in multiple episodes, so feel free to name more than one per site.

1. Hanauma Bay

2. Halona Beach Cave

3. Makapu’u Lighthouse

4. Makapu’u Beach

5. Sea Life Park

6. Makai Research Pier

7. Anderson Estate

8. Lanikai

Bonus: Although this video does not include Hawaii Kai, which stands just before Hanauma, the area stands out for two reasons related to Hawaii Five-0. Name one and give its significance on the show.

Note of Interest: One of the most used locations is the Anderson Estate, which appeared in 12 episodes. The beautiful Spanish Hacienda-style mansion is no more. Sadly, the house was reported to have been in very poor condition for many years. It was razed a few years ago, and a new house is being constructed. The gate house remains, although it appears to have been painted a few shades darker than its original light tan.

Have fun!

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