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Hawaii John Takes Us to the Heeia Kea Boat Harbor

YouTuber Hawaii John (HJ, for our purposes) takes us to the Heeia Kea Boat Harbor, where Kono was held captive in a box in “The Ransom” (Season 3). Although HJ does not take us to the far end of the harbor, we can see the structures used in the filming at the point where he turns around to leave.

The video begins on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki, cuts through to Ala Wai Boulevard at the corner where the Twin Towers Condominiums stand. You may recall that is where McGarrett lived in the “V for Vashon” trilogy (Season 5). From Ala Wai, HJ turns right onto McCully Street and crosses the Ala Wai Canal. The bridge was a filming site in several episodes, as was a building on the northern shoreline of the canal (no longer exists). The video continues on McCully Street to the far side of the H-1 Freeway, which it enters in a roundabout way.

The trip out the H-1 diverts onto the H-201 where the H-1 dips down to the airport and Pearl Harbor. The H-201 takes us past Tripler Army Medical Center and on to the H-3 at Halawa. The H-3, seen here while traveling from southwest to northeast, is a gorgeous drive, much more beautiful than it appears in this video, which seems to have been filmed during a hot, dry summer. Construction began on this mostly elevated highway in the late-1980s and opened in 1997. Planning and construction were met with objections from the Hawaiian people, for several of their holy grounds lay beneath the highway.

In Kaneohe, HJ takes Highway 83 a short distance before cutting through a residential neighborhood to Route 830, which he takes on up to the Heeia Kea Boat Harbor.


1. The H-3 through the Ko'olau Mountains and I-70 through the canyons of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are two of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever seen. (YouTube has some fine videos of I-70 in Colorado.)

2. See the H-3 while traveling from northeast to southwest. It's even prettier this way.

3. If Hawaii John had stayed on Highway 83, we’d have seen the Valley of the Temples, home of the Byodo-In Temple.

4. The H-numbered highways in Hawaii are a part of the Eisenhower Interstate System, even though they do not connect with another state. The primary purpose of the System is to enable faster road transportation for military purposes. Such was the purpose of the H-numbered highways. The H-1 connects the east and west coasts of Oahu. The H-201 provides ready access to Fort Shafter and Tripler Army Medical Center. The H-2 connects Pearl Harbor with Schofield Barracks. The H-3 connects Pearl Harbor with Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Bellows Airfield.

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Steve's Girl
Steve's Girl
19 jun 2023

Mahalo for providing these links, H50. The videos bring back a lot of memories.

Me gusta
19 jun 2023
Contestando a

"He moved six times, and each time, a new skyscraper blocked his view of Diamond Head." 😄

Me gusta
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