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Did You Know?

This just in from Mike Quigley:

"On May 10, 1974, CBS ran all three parts of the Vashon trilogy in one time slot from 8:30 to 11:00 p.m. I presume they removed the "previously on" stuff to fit it all in..."

I'd like to see the trilogy aired in that fashion. A seamless flow would make it easier to follow, I think. Then, follow that with "The Case Against McGarrett" from Season 8 in which we see that Honore hasn't changed one single leopard spot since the trilogy in Season 5. To top it off, we would need to go back and read the Vashon fanfiction that we wrote as a group, ten years ago, "V for Vashon: The Avenger." I think it's the best story we wrote. You can read it on More / V for Vashon: The Avenger.

Many thanks, Mike!

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