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"Colair Road" Apartment

Listing Photograph / Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

Do you remember the adorable Japanese-inspired apartment where Hennessy lived before his untimely demise in "Cocoon" (Pilot)? McGarrett said it was on Colair Road. In real life, it is located at 2957 Kalakaua Avenue. It is on the ocean in the Gold Coast / Diamond Head neighborhood.

Currently, a two-bedroom, 725 square feet apartment in that complex is listed for sale, although a sale is pending. The asking price is $600,000. Sadly, the apartment has been stripped of most of the delightful Japanese details that were so eye-catching in 1967, when the pilot was filmed on site.

We saw the exterior of the same complex in "How to Steal a Masterpiece" (Season 7), when McGarrett & Co. arrested Durkin and Sills Anderson in their hotel suite.

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