Chinaman's Hat

Every once in a while, when McGarrett & Co traveled up the northern part of the Windward side of Oahu, we caught a glimpse of Chinaman's Hat. It is one of more than 150 islands comprising the Hawaiian Islands. Needless to say, it takes its name from its resemblance to a Chinese coolie hat. Hawaiians call it Mokoli'i, which means “little lizard.”

When the tide is out, people can wade out to Chinaman's Hat from the Kualoa Beach Park; however, too often, the tide comes in before they can wade back. If they are lucky, someone comes along with a boat to return them to the beach park; otherwise, they have to wait for the tide to go back out -- some twelve hours later!!!

Chinaman's Hat as seen from the Kualoa Beach Park

Chinaman's Hat as seen from the Pinzgauer drive into the Koolau Mountains
The back side of Chinaman's Hat as seen on the catamaran sail with the Koolau Mountains in the background

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