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Checkers and Pogo

The Checkers and Pogo Show was a children’s television show produced and aired by KGMB-TV in Honolulu. It ran from 1967 until 1982 during after-school hours. Five of its characters appeared on Hawaii Five-0, including the following:

-- Checkers #2 – Jim Demerest, who appeared in seven episodes, perhaps most notably as Fred Babbitt, who bragged about owning a koi pond in “Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember” (Season 1).

-- Checkers #3 – Dave Donnelly, who appeared in four episodes.

-- Pogo – Morgan White, who appeared in six episodes in Season 1 as the Attorney General.

-- Professor Fun – Fred Ball, who appeared in eight episodes.

-- Super Spy McPig – Jerry Cox, who appeared in four episodes.

Watch an episode of Checkers and Pogo:

Let those who were there – both on screen and in front of the TV set – tell you about Checkers and Pogo:

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Thanks for this. Wow! I had no idea that A.G. Walter Stuart had this alter-ego, LOL! What a charming show full of fun and innocence. Reminds me of my own childhood.

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