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“Look at that. Some day we will be strangers in our own land.”

@Orrymain wrote a review of “Strangers in Our Own Land” (Season 1) on Review Stream ( He might have gone into more depth to make his case. Even so, the last paragraph provides food for thought. He wrote,

While I appreciate the message of Hawaii Five-0: Strangers in Our Own Land, the story isn’t all that strong. . . . I do think it’s sad that [the last line in the episode] is pretty right on. Development of Hawaii has far exceeded what was feared when this episode was filmed [1968]. When are we going to learn?

Answer one or more of the following questions:

1. What is your take on development in Hawaii and its effects on the people who live there?

2. What do you think Jack and Marie would think if they saw Honolulu today?

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