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Bat Phone

Adam West on the bat phone. Batman, 20th Century Fox Television / Greenway Productions, 1966-1968.

My daughter has declared my cell phone to be the bat phone. It is her direct link to me. On the television series, Batman (Adam West) would answer the bat phone. After Commissioner Gordon asked for his and Robin's (Burt Ward) help, he would dart around the stand on which the bat phone stood, calling to Robin, "To the Bat Cave!" Access was via a fire pole that cut through the rocks of the cave.

I don't know whether the bat phone ever made an appearance in the Batman movies. They were too dark for me, so I never saw them. I do like Pat Hingle, who portrayed Commissioner Gordon in the movies.

Pat Hingle made three appearances on Hawaii Five-0. He portrayed the same character, the egoistical Dr. Grant Ormsbee, nuclear physicist, in all three episodes, "The Defector" (Season 8), "Man on Fire" (Season 9), and "To Kill a Mind" (Season 9). Needless to say, Ormsbee and McGarrett did NOT get along. They were like two billy goats, butting heads at every turn.

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