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Bank of Hawaii Building

Bank of Hawaii / Gallery Office Tower (vintage postcard)

The Bank of Hawaii's Waikiki branch is located in a different building today, but in Five-0's day, it was located at 2222 Kalakaua Avenue. That building is now called the Waikiki Galleria Office Tower. Its facade is constructed in what was called a pineapple design. Notice that the columns on the front of the building set the tone for the pineapple facade of the tower.

We saw the building in "Over Fifty? Steal" (Season 3). This was the building where Lewis Avery Filer dressed as an elderly jeweler and stole some of the first Tanzanite stones ever mined. This was the building where Danno and the HPD ran like Keystone Cops to their cars as they took off after Filer, who dressed like an HPD patrolman in order to make his getaway.

In those days, the Kalakaua Street side was occupied by Woolworth's. Dime stores, such stores were called in those days. The discount mega-marts, like Walmart, derived from them. Next to the Bank of Hawaii stood an early Waikiki, single-storey shop. The last of those quaint shops were torn down in the past twenty years as Waikiki took on its current upscale identity.

Judging from the cars, the vintage postcard picture, above, appears to have been taken in about 1963 and certainly no later than 1965. Photographer and postcard publication data unknown.

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