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Answers to Discovering Hawaii Questions

These locations were seen in one or many episodes. I'll just name a few that come to mind without my going back and re-watching all 284 episodes. Aargh!!!

1. Hanauma Bay - "Cocoon" (pilot), "Beautiful Screamer" (Season 2)

2. Halona Beach Cave - "Up Tight" (Season 1), "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave" (Season 4)

3. Makapu’u Lighthouse - "Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die" (Season 5)

4. Makapu’u Beach - "A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead" (Season 2)

5. Sea Life Park - "The Ransom" (Season 3), "Image of Fear" (Season 12)

6. Makai Research Pier - [I need some help here. I can see it. Doc Bergman was there, near the highway. But I can't remember the episode.] The pier also appeared in "M Station: Hawaii."

7. Anderson Estate - "The Gunrunner" (Season 3), "Cloth of Gold" (Season 4), "The Second Shot" (Season 4), "Woe to Wo Fat" (Season 12), and eight others

8. Lanikai - Hot pursuit through the ironwood trees in "The Devil and Mr. Frog" (Season 2)

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