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Another of Jack's Favorites


If you guessed McDonald's French fries, you guessed correctly. It had been a long time since I'd eaten at McDonald's when I read about Jack and French fries, yet I remembered them as being quite tasty. Sadly, when I tried them, they weren't as good as I remembered them. No doubt, they changed to a healthier oil for frying.

We have to wonder what Marie thought about his affinity for fast food. We also have to wonder how he managed to keep that trim figure.

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1 Comment

Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green
Jun 12, 2021

Hi !

I remember when Mc Donald's had great tasting French fries as well. Hey , does any body know if Jack Lord had eaten at Taco Bell ? Do they have a Taco Bell in Honolulu, Hawaii ?

Please keep up with the good work ! Thank you all for sharing these information with me !


Dorothy L. Green

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