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An Interesting Find

My husband suggested that we watch a movie, "For Love or Money," on Netflix. One of the actors' names stood out for me -- Bob Balaban.

You may recall that A. J. Balaban was co-owner of a chain of theaters, Balaban & Katz, headquartered in Chicago. He was also the subject of a book that Florian DeNarde sent to Jack in 1965, "Continuous Performance: Biography of A. J. Balaban" by his widow, Carrie Balaban.

Wiki wiki, I hurried over to Google and looked up Bob Balaban. It turns out he is A. J. Balaban's nephew and grew up in Chicago. He has been very active in film and on television for 55 years, now. In "For Love or Money," he portrayed a crooked IRS agent.

The book, published in 1964, is still available on Amazon and from online booksellers.

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