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An Interesting Find

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

The Ilikai / Hawaii Five-0 page on Facebook posted pictures of Jack and Marie's Ilikai condo as it now appears. Included was the floor plan. I was stricken by the similarities to the floor plan of their Kahala condo. No doubt, they were quite comfortable at the Ilikai -- except for the gawking tourists.

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02 ago 2018

Moonglow, they lived at the Ilikai for the first two years (one source says five years) before they bought their condo in Kahala. It is possible that they kept the Ilikai condo for a few years after moving to Kahala before they sold it, but I don't know. Their Ilikai condo was on the penthouse level but was one of several condos on that level and in that wing. One source said a sheik lived up the hall from them. I have no idea about a condo on Maui but would like to find out.

Me gusta

Did Jack and Marie own both condos at once? Or was this condo before the Kahala condo ownership? Did he own the whole top floor or was it just one side of the building? Do you know if Jack and Marie owned a condo on Maui?

Me gusta
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