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Aerial View of Hanauma Bay

Tom Henderson / Unsplash

I see a lot of Five-0 episodes represented in this picture.

-- The road at the bottom of the page is Route 72, the Kamehameha Highway. Several miles west (off to the right) of this picture, at the Kilauea Avenue exit, it becomes the Lunalilo Freeway. Just to the left of the picture, the highway winds around Koko Head, passes the Halona Blowhole, Sandy Beach, and Sea Life Park before reaching the Anderson Estate [Wo Fat's (Khigh Dhiegh) hideaway in "Woe to Wo Fat" (Season 12)] in Waimanalo. It continues on to Kailua.

-- The lane that runs atop the crater is the ridge road that McGarrett raced along to save the Ring of Life Hindu figurines in the Season 7 episode of the same name. It is also the lane he and Grant Ormsbee (Pat Hingle) drove to the meeting place with Naval Intelligence in "The Defector" (Season 9).

-- The houses to the far right, top, are the Portlock neighborhood, which we discussed in an earlier post.

-- The white roofs to the far right, bottom, are in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood. It was built during the years of filming H50 by Henry J. Kaiser, whose estate in Portlock featured as the home of Leonard Tokura (Ricardo Montalban) in "Samurai" (Season 1). The lot that Victor Reese (Kevin McCarthy) said he wanted to buy for Joyce Weber (Patricia Smith) in "Full Fathom Five" (Season 1) was located in Hawaii Kai. Princess Jemilla (Kathryn Leigh Scott) was kidnapped in the same area in "My Friend, the Enemy" (Season 10).

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