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A Stolen Masterpiece

In "How to Steal a Masterpiece" (Season 7), Gauguin's Fatata te Miti was stolen from the home of prominent businessman Charles Ogden (Luther Adler). With information from Ogden's grandson, Jeff Koestler (Michael Anderson, Jr.) and newspaper art columnist Evvy Bernstein (Danielle), Five-0 puts the pieces together and locates the Gauguin painting hidden behind a newer, lesser painting.

In real life, a 16th century Titian painting, The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, was stolen from the home of an English marquess in 1995. In 2002, it was found, wrapped in a plastic bag, at a bus stop. Yes, it was returned to its rightful owner. This year, it sold at auction for $22 million! Read about it.

One has to wonder whether the thief lost interest in the painting when, as Evvy explained, he could neither sell it nor brag about owning it. We'll never know.

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