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A Lovely Tour of Punchbowl Cemetery

Hawaii John takes us on a lovely tour of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific that is much more complete than we received during the episodes on which the cemetery featured on Hawaii Five-0.

The overlook on which McGarrett stopped to take a picture of visiting tourists before meeting Miller (Andrew Duggan) in "Cocoon" (pilot) formerly stood at the entrance to the cemetery proper but seems not to exist, anymore.

In addition to driving around the cemetery, Hawaii John parks and takes us on a walk through the Lady Columbia statue, which we saw in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-0 each and every week. Did you know there is a chapel behind her? Yes! It is small, but it has pews for a family and stained-glass windows in an art deco design.

Hawaii John continues his walk to the overlook, views from which we saw in "A Bullet for McGarrett" (Season 2) and at least one other episode, name now forgotten. It has been rebuilt and greatly enlarged since those long-ago Five-0 days, as has Honolulu, down below. Buildings now block the former view of the Ala Wai Canal, as one looks toward Diamond Head.

The video is very long, just under 54 minutes, so here are the counter numbers for the most notable scenes:

13:19 - entering the cemetery grounds

14:27 - entering the cemetery proper

15:42 - first clear view of Lady Columbia

23:08 - walk around the Lady Columbia statue and chapel

38:20 - overlook, seen in multiple shots taken as Hawaii John walks from west to east

Hawaii John took his time in this video, and that provided the somber feeling that visiting sacred grounds always imbues.

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