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50+ Years, and It's Still the Same Old Story

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

It seems that, if you're 50 percent or more Native Hawaiian, you can apply for home ownership at a reduced cost. Needless to say, those who qualifed were ecstatic! Except, after waiting for exceedingly long periods of time to move into their new homes, they learned that they were still being treated like 4th class citizens.

Shortly after the residents moved in, the air conditioning went out. In at least one house, the floor was only plywood subflooring. In one house, a rafter cracked. The list goes on. As it turned out, the agency managing the program for these people to have homes decided to cut corners by skipping the home inspections.

Does that remind you of an episode of Five-0? It should. Just as we saw in "Strangers in Our Own Land" (Season 1), the developers will cut corners any way possible as long as they can say they have done something to help the Hawaiian people.

Read about it: These Native Hawaiians Waited Years for Homes on Their Ancestral Land. Then the Problems Began. (

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