Remembering Jack Lord

Twas Monday After Easter


'Twas the Monday After Easter

Written by

Barbara, Honu, and H50 1.0 FOREVER



'Twas the Monday after Easter and all through the palace

not a criminal was stirring, not even Old Alice.

The case load was posted on the corkboard with care

in hopes that it would dwindle without raising a hair.


The detectives were settled behind their old desks

Some spoke on da phone, while others bantered in jest.

And Steve-0 in his sweater and Danno in his suit

had just settled down for a long morning's cahoot.


When out on the grounds a gunshot was heard.

All sprang to their feet to see what scattered the birds.

Away to the windows, they flew in a flash,

Opening the shutters and raising the sash.


Slyly they peaked lest

the team they be seen

by the perpetrator unknown

police protocol does deem!


Even Chin and Kono to the big office's window sped

To see Governor Jameson, a pistol raised over his head.

All four detectives hurried out to the lanai

Twenty laughing children on the Palace grounds they did spy.


All the children, attired in their Sunday best.

Ran carrying spoons – on each spoon, an egg did rest.

Kono did laugh at Steve’s annoyed sneer

“It’s da annual Easter egg race, boss! We forget dis every year!”