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Transportation Seen on Hawaii Five-0

Street Transportation Seen on Hawaii Five-0

Many interesting forms of street transportation were seen on Hawaii Five-0, from pedicabs and TheBus to the detectives’ Ford sedans. Perhaps, one day, we will have a chart listing the episodes where each can be seen. For now, however, consult this compendium of bikes, cars, and even an ice cream truck:  Most come from the early seasons, but they are an interesting collection.

Aircraft Seen on Hawaii Five-0
Whenever Jonathan Kaye flew out to the Islands, he arrived aboard a C-141 StarLifter. When he arrived in "Cocoon" (Pilot), which was filmed in December 1967, the StarLifter had been in service for only eighteen months (June 1965). She made her maiden flight on December 17, 1963, which was the 60th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first successful flight. In the photograph above, we see the first StarLifter (tail number 12775) on her maiden flight. She flew without mishap for 43 years until she was retired with the rest of the C-141 fleet in 2006. Today, she stands on display at the Air Museum at Dover AFB Delaware.

hips Seen on Hawaii Five-0
USS Whipple (FF-1062) and USS Ouellet (FF-1077) moored at Midway (USS Ouellet Association, 1972)

Both the USS Whipple and the USS Ouellet appeared in "Follow the White Brick Road" (Season 4). At the time of filming, the USS Whipple was brand new and was scheduled to go out on sea trials. When she was called to duty, the USS Ouellet took over for filming Five-0. According to a member of the USS Ouellet Association, the sailors aboard the USS Whipple were none too happy to have had their ship's celebrity cut short.