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Heroes live as long as people respect them.

(Quotation spoken by Steve McGarrett in "Shake Hands With the Man on the Moon," Hawaii Five-0 (Season 10). CBS/Paramount, 1978.)


Around the World by Sea

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Remembering Jack Lord is following the around-the-world voyage of the wa‘a (canoe) Hōkūle‘a. The Hawaiian crew is making the voyage using only the methods of their ancestors to navigate by sun, stars, sea currents, and the waves. Read more about it in Aloha Hawai'i.


To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. (Robert Tew)

I think, when Jack passed, everyone said the same thing, that he made us better as actors and as people, because he taught us that this is a profession, you have to take it seriously, and it's a lot of hard work.  (Comment by Dennis Chun on Emme's Island Moments: Hawaii Five-0 Revisited, KGMB-TV,  2012)

Many of the scenes for the original were shot in and around the area of my parents'  home near Diamond Head. One day (circa 1970) my mother was returning from Times Market with, among other things, ice cream. Tutu could not get to the house because the streets were blocked off for shooting. She was huhu - and told the security folks about her melting ice cream. About two hours later, Jack Lord himself appeared at her front door, bearing a large quantity of ice cream. Talk about 'aloha spirit'.  (Comment left by Kama‘ainainTX in “‘Hawaii Five-0’ Redux Receives Green Light From Network” in Honolulu Advertiser. May18, 2010.)

He has humor..., so that he can laugh about the time he completely forgot his lines during a Broadway performance of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and about the sad fact McGarrett seldom finds love in a "Five-0" episode. (Anderson, Nancy. "'Real' Jack Lord Soft on Children" in Reading (PA) Eagle. September 22, 1975, p. 15.)

I remember John Ryan quite well... He was capable, reliable and the essence of courtesy. In fact, I organized the Key of Courtesy Club and made him the president. (Peter Troyano (football coach, John Adams High School, Queens, New York) in Holton, Brett. "You Never Read a Story About Jack Lord That Told You This" in TV Radio Mirror. December 1970. Vol. 71, No. 1, pp. 85-86.)

There are so many Jack Lords, it may be impossible to know them all. But it's worth the challenge to try. He's a puzzle to solve; a rare blend of talent to enjoy; and, best of all, he's a warm and giving human being to cherish. (Nancy Anderson in "Jack Lord's Incredible Story: Together We Beat the World." Photoplay. January 1976, p. 21.)