Remembering Jack Lord

Rights for WWII Merchant Mariners

Logo of the USMM World War II Veterans (used by permission)

The struggle of Merchant Mariners to receive fair treatment and just compensation for their service during World War II is never ending. Oh, yes, Congress named merchant mariners bona fide members of the military in 1986, more than 40 years after the end of World War II, but the benefits have been very slow coming. Now, those that arrive go to the mariners' survivors.

The battle continues to this day.  As the logo denotes, they are not giving up the fight. They will not go away!

Read this article to see what these merchant mariner veterans experienced, both during the war and after they returned home:

Write your Congressmen and ask them to support House Resolution 154, which would ensure that World War II merchant mariners receive their benefits and their recognition as military veterans.

Read about HR 154:

Sign the petition:

Here is their contact information:


The American Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II have honored Remembering Jack Lord
for helping in their fight to obtain rights and benefits for  wartime merchant mariners.