Remembering Jack Lord

Our Challenges

We, the Friends of Hawaii Five-0, write fan fiction. Since the release of the remastered DVDs, we have begun writing stories to further story lines used in the series. We wanted to know more about Steve McGarrett's sister, Mary Ann, in "Once Upon a Time" (Season 1). We wanted to know more about the top cop's relationship with Nicole Wylie in "The Singapore File" (Season 2). As the season DVDs came out, our writing expanded to include stories about the bad guys, Wo Fat, Honore Vashon, Tony Alika, and others.

Initially, we wrote group stories, round-robin style, to create a single story with multiple authors. While it was fun to see our ideas expanded by the imaginations of others, it was not easy to keep track of what we should be writing, nor was it easy for the webmaster to edit the submissions into a single story that seemed to have been written by a single author. And, so, we began writing independent stories.

Our independent stories typically were written from a list of proposed topics. More than once, we wrote about how the detectives might spend their free time away from work. No doubt, we felt the long hours dedicated to crime solving, just as the detectives felt when they shook their heads at being told to stay late or to dig more deeply. Even McGarrett complained about having to leave his sailboat to speak with Jonathan Kaye on his first Sunday off in three months in "You Don't See Many Pirates These Days" (Season 10).

Of course, we couldn't resist writing about the love lives of the bachelor detectives, especially Steve and Danno. We enjoyed "seeing" Danno zipping about in his Mustang convertible with a pretty girl at his side. We all tried to find the perfect lady for Steve to marry. Oddly, we didn't have any more luck than he did, but we did have great fun, trying.

Regardless of the topic, the villain, or whether we wrote independently or as a group, we paid homage to the cast and crew who gave us 284 wonderful episodes of Hawaii Five-0.