Remembering Jack Lord

Memories of Hawaii Five-0

Photograph taken by Webmaster

World Premiere of Hawaii Five-0

The pilot for the anticipated series was screened in Honolulu on February 19, 1968.

Present for the occasion were Jack and Marie Lord and Leonard and Rose Freeman.

Could they possibly have dreamed what lay ahead? Never in twelve seasons!

Photograph almost certainly is a CBS publicity shot.

The Original Five-0 Team: Kono, Steve, Chin Ho, and Danno

Gilbert "Zulu" Kauhi, Jack Lord, Kam Fong Chun, James MacArthur

Screen capture from "Odd Man In" (Season 4). Hawaii Five-0. Leonard Freeman Productions / CBS Television, 1971.

Five-0 Headquarters

In 1968, 'Iolani Palace was the Hawaii State Capitol Building. And, so, it became the headquarters of the state's premiere (albeit fictitious) police force. In 1969, the new state capitol building opened, but Five-0 stayed in the Palace. Of course, filming was another matter:  It took place at the Hawaii Film Studio on 18th Street, just north of Diamond Head. (Photograph taken by Webmaster)

McGarrett's '68 Park Lane

Although this wasn't the first car McGarrett drove, and although he received a new car in 1974, the 1968 Mercury Park Lane Brougham is the car most often associated with the top cop.  But, then, it had super powers. Its tires could squeal on sand. It could even drive through a ditch or a sand dune.  (This marketing photograph of an identical car is used courtesy of the Ford Motor Company.)

USCGC Cape Corwin (95326)

No pictorial of Hawaii Five-0 would be complete without a shot of the US Coast Guard Cutter Cape Corwin.  The law enforcement / search-and-rescue ship appeared in seven episodes and made a lasting impression when she did. She made her first appearance in the pilot episode, "Cocoon," when she took McGarrett and the harbormaster out to see the SS Arcturus. In that episode, she wore her gray-and-white livery. In all other appearances, she wore her red Coast Guard stripe and seal. Today, she serves Micronesia and is known as Constitution.  (Photograph furnished by and is used courtesy of the United States Coast Guard)

Screen Captures of the Memories of Hawaii Five-0 Home Page

This screen capture shows the Memories of "Hawaii Five-0" home page as it first appeared. My! How web design has changed since 2009, when MofH50 first went up!  Back then, there were no heading levels. Each page carried the same weight as all the others. Now, organizing sections of material is easy. Most of all, today, we can make our websites look however we want them to, rather than having to use one of a few provided templates.

This screen capture of the last "Memories of Hawaii Five-0" home page includes an interesting statement:  "'Hokulea' is the Hawaiian word for 'Arcturus.'" Of course, we know that the SS Arcturus was the old rust bucket where Wo Fat's cocoon was located. We also know that Hokulea is the name of the Hawaiian outrigger canoe that sailed around the world between 2013 and 2017.