Remembering Jack Lord

May 2012


Christmas at Mary Ann’s

Written by KJ


"Steve! Oh, Steve it's so good to hear from you!"

"Hi, Sis. Sorry I haven't called lately. How is everything?"

"Oh, business as usual. I'm trying to convince Tom that he needs to take time off, especially with Christmas on the way. Steve? Um...."

"Mary Ann? Is something wrong?"

"Oh, Steve, I'm so glad that you won't be with Five-0 anymore! I've been worried to death about you! And we never see each other. We used to be so close."

"I know, Sis. I'm hoping that will change. As a matter of fact, I was thinking I might take you up on your invitation to spend Christmas with you, that is if you haven't given up all hope and made other arrangements."

"Well, even if I did, I'd cancel them. Anything to get you here. I can't remember the last time you spent Christmas with us."

"Neither can I. Some brother, huh?"

"You've been there for me, whenever I really needed you. I only wish I could have done more for you. Well, enough of this. We'll both be in tears. But tell me, have you given any thought to your future? I can't see you loafing around."

"No, as idyllic as that may sound to me now, I couldn't hack it for long. I just want to let things unfold. But one thing I'd like to think about is working with young people. There are a lot of organizations over here that can use volunteers. I've actually visited some and spoken at quite a few of them and I've always admired the work they do, but I've just never had the time to become involved. I like to think I could really do some good. After all, the youth of today represent the future."

"What a wonderful idea! I can picture you taking them sailing and horseback riding and, oh lots of things. You're so wonderful with kids. And you'd be such a great father figure to them, especially the boys. They'd look up to you and you could show them what a real man should be like. You'd be giving something to them and they could be giving back to you. And you never know. You might meet someone special among the other workers, too."

"Still trying to marry me off, huh Sis?"

"Well you can't tell me there wouldn't be any candidates. Didn't that cover story writer say you were rated as one of the top three bachelors on the island?"

"Don't remind me. Maybe I ought to look up Terri O'Brien for old time's sake. We could share another chicken together."

"Speaking of food, how would you like to play chef one evening and make your wonderful lasagna for us? You make it much better than I do and Tom would love it."

"Sure. I'll cook and then you can help me plan my future."

"It's a deal. Can't wait to see you."

"Same here. My best to Tom."

"Love you."

"Love you, too, Beautiful. Aloha."



And Time Goes By

Written by Steve’s Girl

The date was Sunday, December 9, 1979. The time was 6.00 PM, sunset was about an hour away. Steve McGarrett sat on the deck of his sailboat "Moana 'Uhana", enveloped in the soft splashing sounds small waves were making against her hull, reviewing the past five days.

On December 4 Paul Jameson had stepped down as governor and his successor, Joseph Yamamoto, had been sworn in. As December 5 had drawn to a close, Steve had resigned as head of Five-0 and when December 8 had dawned, that day was not only Danny's birthday but his first day as head of Five-0 as well.

A small smile crept upon Steve's lips, recalling the interview with the new governor:

"I won't allow you doing it your way any longer! Stepping on too many toes of too many important people! Maybe Jameson mellowed over the years, backing you to the hilt, I definitely won't!"

As a result Steve, outwardly calm, but bubbling like a magma chamber filled to the brim inside, had placed his badge and gun on the governor's desk and left.

For a few minutes afterwards he had sat on a bench surrounding a large banyan tree near the State Capitol, contemplating.

A cabrio had been passing by and snippets of music and lyrics had reached Steve's ear:

'And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much...'

Steve's mind might not have been aware of it, but his body knew that 'time can do so much': Sometimes when he got out of bed in the morning or rose from the couch when he had spent the night in his office, joints and muscles he never realized existed, ached.

'Danno had been shocked when I told him that he had the big office now,' Steve mused.

The next morning Frank Mualana had called, telling him about the new section, criminology, the university intended to open. And asking him, if he would like lecturing on a freelance basis:

"You have so much knowledge to share, Steve. Who is better qualified than you, the former head of Hawai'i Five-0."

Of course Frank had known. His resignation had made front pages.

'I'm glad that Yamamoto forced my hand. I could not fight that man every inch of the way.
Frank's offer sounds good to me - a free - lance status will leave time for other goals to pursue.'


The sun was setting and the sky was resplendent in all shades of red.

'What a beautiful sunset! I have never had the time to enjoy Hawai'i's beauty. I'm sure I have some skills from my days as a reconnaissance photographer left. That is something I'd like to do: Make people aware of how beautiful Hawai'i is and that her beauty must not be taken for granted. The first thing I'll do when I'll be back in Honolulu is to call Frank and accept his offer. Then I'll buy myself a camera.'



McGarrett Gets Married

Written by Vrinda


Steve McGarrett went to the balcony and looked out the window, staring at the state building across the street. This was the last morning he would ever stand on that lanai and see this sight from here. Today, one book was closing and another was opening. Steve McGarrett, chief of Hawaii Five-O, was retiring and passing the torch to his assistant, Danno Williams.

Looking back on his twenty years in charge of Hawaii’s state police unit, Steve thought of what he accomplished, the lives he saved, the criminals he put away and — most importantly — the people with whom he worked, his friends whom he considered family. It was a life he would live over again in a heartbeat. It was then that he heard Danno’s familiar footsteps.

The two men look at each other with moist eyes. “I guess this is it?” Danno asked, teary-eyed.

Steve walked over to his partner, arms open wide. “Yes, Danno, it is.”

He wrapped his arms around Danno tightly, not wanting to let the younger man go. For twelve long years, they worked closely together, leaning on each other, each risking his life to save the other. They became more than co-workers and friends. They were brothers.

Danno didn’t budge, either. “It’s not going to be the same without you,” he said.

“Five-O will hold up just as well with you in charge,” Steve said, gently loosening himself from Danno and putting his hands on his shoulders. “It’s in good hands.”

“Because I learned from the best.” Danno tried to smile.

Paul Jameson, the former governor of Hawaii, Steve’s secretary, Jenny; John Manicote, Duke Lukela, Truck, Ben, and the rest of the Five-O team stood in the doorway.

“It’s alright. Come in,” Steve waved. They entered, patting him on the back, hugging him, and shaking his hand.

“Congratulations, Steve,” Jameson said. “We’re both making our exits at the same time.” Jameson chose not to run for reelection, and was leaving office next month, when the new governor would be sworn in. “So what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to travel for a few months. Then I’m coming right back here and working with Five-O as a consultant. I’m going to be freelance from now on, so it’s not good-bye forever.”

Danno noticed the shiny platinum ring on Steve’s ring finger.

“Steve,” he said, pointing to his boss’s hand. “When did you get that? You didn’t have it before.”

“Have you been holding out on us? Who’s the lucky lady?” Jenny asked.

“That was the next part of my announcement,” Steve said. “Remember Kate Holbrook, who runs the sugar plantation?” They all nodded.

“So she’s going to be Mrs. Steve McGarrett?” Danno asked.

“The one and only,” Steve replied. “She’s keeping the farm, but will live with me here. The wedding is set for next June. Are you up for being best man?”

“Of course! What made you think you had to ask?” Danno said, wrapping his arms around Steve once more.



The Great Man Retires

Written by H50 1.0 FOREVER


Tuesday, 4 December 1979

Good-byes had been said in royal fashion on Saturday night, with a dinner-dance at The Kahala Hilton. Steve had been astounded that his team were able to fund such a lavish event; he had been even a bit embarrassed that they had spent their hard-earned money at his behest. Still, to see everyone having so much fun had made him realize that they needed the party as much as, if not more than, he did.

Now, the last case file had been approved, copied, and forwarded to the district attorney. The ink had dried on his letter to his successor, advising him of the state of the ongoing cases. Already, Steve had moved his personal belongings home. How bare and uninviting the office now appeared. Of course, within a day or two, his successor would have filled it with his own diplomas, plaques, and art.

Stepping from the large office, Steve offered final farewells and words of thanks to all who had served him so well through the long years he and they had served the State of Hawai‘i. Finally, he stepped through the doorway and descended the grand koawood staircase for the last time. Emerging from ‘Iolani Palace, he saw that, at the Coronation Pavilion, the incoming governor was taking his oath of office. Steve did not envy the man, who was succeeding the much beloved Paul Jameson.

Home for Stephen James McGarrett was a beach house on Maunalua Bay. For years, he had rented it as a place to get away from the pressures of his work. A few months earlier, in anticipation of his retirement, he had sold his condominium in Waikiki and purchased the beach house.

For the first time in as long as he could remember, his time was his own. After changing from his business suit, he set to work hanging pictures, shelving books, and filing protection copies of case reports he had brought from his office. Next, he began packing his suitcases for a much awaited vacation. At 7:00 the following morning, he would board a flight to Aspen, Colorado, where he would ski, rest, and work on the manuscript for his sixth Detective Ian James novel. Few people realized that he was Ben Morse, author of the highly successful series.

That night, he drove to the Koffee Klatch to join David and Harriet Bergman and Jack and Marie Lord for a dinner of what the Brooklyn triumvirate called Mrs. McG’s roast beef. The chef prepared a roast that tasted like the roasts Steve’s mother had prepared, oh, so  many years ago. The memory provide excellent opportunities for the friends to gather for an hour or two.

The others already had arrived, and Jack was giving his autograph to a tourist at the next table.

“Thank you, Mr. McGarrett,” the tourist said.

“Any time,” Jack replied, flashing a wicked grin at Steve.

Steve stiffened and declared, “Have your fun, guy on TV, but remember: I’m the real McGarrett.”