Remembering Jack Lord

Malama Honua

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The wa'a Hokule'a has returned home, 3 years, 1 month after setting out on its around-the-world voyage.

                                                                    Malama Honua 

                                             "to care for and live in harmony with the earth" 


Remembering Jack Lord is following the around-the-world voyage of the wa‘a (canoe) Hōkūle‘a. Using only the methods of the crew’s ancestors to navigate by sun, stars, sea currents, and the waves, the navigators have proven that compass, sextant, and even GPS are not needed to make one's way through the ocean and reach one's intended destination.

On May 17, 2014, the wa‘a left Honolulu on the voyage that has been named Malama Honua (to care for and live in harmony with the Earth). After making stops in Lahaina, Maui, and Hilo, Island of Hawai'i, they set sail for Tahiti, which they first visited in 1976. The wa‘a will be at sea for three years as they make their way to Aotearoa (New Zealand), around the northern side of Australia, and the southern tip of Africa before heading north up the African coastline. After crossing the South Atlantic, Hōkūle‘a traveled up the South American coastline, through the Caribbean, and up the North American coastline to visit New York and Canada before making its way back down the coastline, through the Panama Canal, and home to Hawai‘i.

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