Remembering Jack Lord

Jack's Co-Stars

The following chart shows actors with whom Jack appeared on Broadway, in films, and on television long before Steve McGarrett was more than a glimmer in Leonard Freeman's eye. All went on to appear on Hawaii Five-0. Some of these names may surprise you.

Many thanks to Steve's Girl, who generated the lion's share of this list.

The following chart shows actors who appeared with Jack on both Hawaii Five-0 and his last production, M Station: Hawaii:

The following chart shows actors who appeared on both Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum, PI:

Hawaii Five-0 veterans on Family Affair (CBS, 1966-1971):

Louise Latham, who appeared in “Pig in a Blanket” (Season 5), appears in three episodes of Family Affair: “Buffy” (Season 1), “Once in Love With Buffy” (Season 1), and “Family Reunion” (Season 2).

William Zuckert, who appeared in “Once Upon a Time” (Season 1) and “The Devil and Mr. Frog” (Season 2), appears in the same three episodes of Family Affair. He and Louise Latham play the orphaned children’s uncle and aunt.

Keye Luke, who appeared as Senator Oishi in “All the King’s Horses” (Season 2), appears as a venerable Chinese grandfather in “The Great Kow-Tow” (Season 2).

Beulah Quo, who appeared as Madame Souvang in “The Diamond That Nobody Stole” (Season 5), appears as the grandfather’s housekeeper, Liang, in the same episode of Family Affair.

Other Hawaii Five-0 guest stars who appeared on Family Affair were Maura McGiveney, John Carter, James Hong, Vic Tayback, Marj Dusay, Joyce Van Patten, Irene Tsu, Davis Roberts, Brian Fong, Norm Alden, Robert Reed, Mitzi Hoag, and Richard Loo.