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Leahi by Jack Lord  (Webmaster)



 When we buy an artist's work, we buy more than a mere object. We buy the many hours of trials and tribulations that went into it before the artist found success. We buy a piece of the artist's heart and soul, a moment of his life.

~ Anonymous



In 2009, RJL member Steve's Girl began tracking the sale of Jack's lithographs on Ebay. What started out small at that time grew rapidly. Prices soared. And then, they declined when a seller sold a rash of lithographs. Those of us who followed those sales were curious to see how the prices correct when a free market is restored. As of the end of 2016, that correction had not occurred. Beginning in January 2017, we stopped tracking the sales.

We begin with the sales records of works we know were done by Jack. Beneath these lists is a list of work done by an artist who signed his work "JLord," meaning "Joseph Lord." Is this Jack using one of his middle names with what became his stage name, or is it another artist? We can't be sure. We do know that Jack said he took the stage name "Lord" because another actor was already using the stage name "Jack Ryan." Read more about this mystery that Jack has bequeathed to us, below.

Jack's Art Sales on Ebay (2009 - 2016)


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Joseph Lord's Ebay Sales for 2011-2016


2015 Sales

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