Remembering Jack Lord

Jack's 97th Birthday Party

Hau'oli la hanau. Hau'oli la hanau
Hau'oli la hanau, dear Jack.
Hau'oli la hanau.

Happy 97th Birthday, Jack!

Photograph taken by Steve's Girl

We are going to see how many words we can make using the letters in

STONEY           BURKE             STEVE              McGARRETT

for example, STONE, VANE

Mick’s List – Ark, Aster, Mate, Steam, Treat

Jean’s List - Great One, Rare Stone, Garter, Tones, Takes, Raves, Notes, Tames, Rover 

Steve’s Girl’s List - Ace, Acorn, Aye, Aunt, Acre, Amber, Acre, Arm, Arms, Age, Attract, Acumen, Ant, Avenue,, Agent, Boy, Buoy, Bag, Boat, By, Bye, Buy, Bee, Bat, Boar, Bore, Brook, Book, Beg, Beggar, Bank, Back, Beast, But, Beer, Bear, Bone, Bare, Bar, Break, Booty, Cat, Cry, Come, Core, Cake, Coma, Comma, Care, Center, Curb, Cab, Corner, Coat, Coast, Cream, Creek, Cut, Corn, Car, Comb, Egg, Eager, Easter, Eat, Emu, Eye, Grease, Geese, Goose, Greek, Greece, Gate, Goat, Guy, Gay, Go, Gone, Gnu, Gun, Garment, Garnet, Grant, Grey, Gray, Green, Gnome, Guy, Governor, Keg, Key, Mug, Mouse, Move, Meat, Meet, Mob, Mom, My, More, Moon, Neat, Name, Nut, Nutmeg, Neck, No, Oak Tree, Return, Rest, Run, Rum, Roam, Robe, Rage, Rust, Roan, Rose, Stream, Stork, Storm, Sure, Stoker, Steak, Sky, Sun, Star, Strong, Stag, Stare, Store, Stay, Stray, Test,  Tear, Trunk, To, Too, Turn, Yes, Yeast

H50 1.0 FOREVER’s List - Bare, Bear, Berm, Burn, Bog, Bone, Bony, Bore, Born, Borne, Bourn, Car, Care, Case, Cease, Core, Cot, Cote, Cure, Ear, Eve, Eye, Garotte, Gear, Grate, Great, Mater, Matey, Meat, Meet, Nary, Near, Neat, Nor, Norm, One, Oar, Or, Rake, Rate, Ream, Ruckus, Stare, Stone, Store, Tan, Team, Tear, Tease, Tone, Vane, Vog, Yank, Yankee, Year, Yore, Your