Remembering Jack Lord

Jack's 95th Birthday Party

On December 30, 2015, Jack would have been 95 years old. Well, we couldn't let an important date like that go unnoticed, and so, we gave him a grand birthday party. It all began when we put out the call for a really good birthday banner:
Several members of RJL submitted prospective banners, and a winner was chosen. See if you can guess which one it was.
Yes, it was No. 2, which was submitted by Honu. No. 1 was submitted by Steve's Girl, and No. 3 was submitted by Jean G. Then, of course, we had to plan Jack's birthday dinner. Kanela and the webmaster put together a menu from which each member could select what s/he would like to have if our virtual party were a real-time party.
On the big day, we celebrated by having a challenge. See how many of the questions you can answer correctly.
A great time was had by all -- and by, Jack, too, we like to think.