Remembering Jack Lord

International Market Place

Steve's Girl sent this video to show us what the International Market Place looked like:


The Banyan Tree was preserved during reconstruction (Steve's Girl)


Honu wrote . . .

My strongest memory of the International Marketplace (from 1975) is that the air always smelled like grilling steaks from the restaurants.  It was a wonderful scent!  I remember browsing the puka shell necklaces that seemed to be everywhere.



The Hawaiian Flea Market was a miniature flea market located in a stall (Steve's Girl)


Steve's Girl wrote . . .

And to think that "The International Marketplace" in Waikiki is gone is very sad as well. I always used to eat in the" International Food Court". Though it was "Plastic Ambiente" and not the ambiente of "Duke's Canoe Club" the food was really international and delicious. And on Saturdays there was  live music from 11 AM to 2PM for free.

I tried poi, the Polynesian staple food made from taro. I read about it for the first time in James Michener's novel, Hawaii, which was when I was bitten by the Hawaii bug. So when I was in Honolulu many years later, I tried it, of course. And of course I had saimin soup, often eaten by the Five-0 team (though I don't know the episodes).

On Saturdays, at least on the two I stayed in Honolulu (2011 and 2013), there was a Saturday jam from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Food Court, so while having lunch (and afterwards) I listened to live music. On both occasions, the performer was Melveen Leed ("Number 1 With a Bullet," Season 11). Her voice is still good, and she performed "Evergreen Music": a Harry Belafonte medley, an Elvis Presley medley, a medley of well-known Hawaiian songs, etc.



Duke's Lane was a narrow lane that ran between Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenues (Steve's Girl)