Remembering Jack Lord

In Memoriam

Jack's Memorial Bust at Kahala Mall (Webmaster)


Jack passed away at home on the night of Wednesday, January 21, 1998. He succumbed to congestive heart failure from which he is thought to have suffered since  before Hawaii Five-0 finished filming. His ashes were scattered in Maunalua Bay, offshore from his home on Kahala Beach. Only his family and closest friends were in attendance.

In June 2004, a memorial bust was erected at Kahala Mall, the result of several years of planning by Esperanza Isaacs and Douglas Mossman. The bust was carved by Lynn Weiler Liverton. Now, those who admire Jack have a place to pay their respects. Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn't leave a lei draped around Jack's neck.

Memorial Plaque beneath Jack's Bust (webmaster)


Jack's memory is also immortalized in a mural located outside the movie theater at the Kahala Mall. In the mural, actors are seen who have appeared in island productions through the years.

In addition, Jack and Marie were active in the restoration of the Hawai'i Theatre in downtown Honolulu. After Jack's death, Marie donated the funds needed to erect the restored marquee in front of the theater. On the night of her passing in 2005, the lights were dimmed in her memory. See pictures of the restored theatre:

Jack was a kind and good man, who helped others however he could. What a wonderful example he set for us all. I am honored to be able to pay respect to him on this website.

Inside Edition pays unexpected homage to Jack

The following picture from Inside Edition's 1999 report on Jack came about as a scene moved from a picture of a giant wave crashing to shore and to a picture of Jack about to turn toward the camera. The resulting double-exposure told a story all its own. It is nice to think that -- maybe, just maybe -- Jack still stands on Kahala Beach and looks out, over the ocean.

Inside Edition, King World Productions, 1999