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The North Shore beaches were seen in "The Banzai Pipeline" (Season 6)

and "Tall on the Wave" (Season 10) (Webmaster)


Going to Hawai'i? See the sights, but also see the sites, the sites where Five-0 filmed, that is. The key to a successful trip, as always, is to do your homework. Search online, then follow up by contacting tour companies and the sites, themselves. Those in the know can always tell you more than any website ever could. See also, Jack's Biography / Jack and Marie At Home / Jack's Old Haunts.

Walker Estate. Located at 2616 Pali Highway, the Walker Estate is known to us as the home of Mike Finney in “All the King’s Horses” (Season 2), the home of Nelson Blake in “The Ransom” (Season 3), the home of Anita Newhall in “Let Death Do Us Part” (Season 9), and the Barlow Estate in “Invitation to Murder” (Season 10).

It is screened from the highway by a lava rock wall, palm trees, and shrubbery. Word is that it has been purchased by a real estate developer to be razed to make room for McMansions. The house is on the national and state registers of historical places; however, the state says there is nothing they can do to prevent this travesty from happening. See a picture on

Clarence Cooke House. Located at 3860 Old Pali Road, the Clarence Cooke House is known to us at the August March house. Today, the house is not visible from the road, no thanks to an overgrowth of shrubbery. Still visible by panning Google maps street views are the gatehouse and the four-car garage with upstairs servants quarters. In Google maps’ aerial view, it is also possible to see the swimming pool and neo-classical bathhouse. We can see a portion of it in “Wooden Model of a Rat” (Season 8), when Gustav Lupin tells August March that he wants nothing more to do with his scheme to take down McGarrett.

So unsettled has the history of the house been over the past 40 years that one has to wonder how long it will be before the real estate developers snatch it up. Enjoy interior and exterior pictures, as well as a brief history of the Clarence Cooke house on and

Anderson Estate. Located at 41-505 Kalaniana‘ole Highway, Waimanalo, the Anderson Estate was seen in 12 episodes of Hawaii Five-0, including “Forty Feet High and It Kills” (Season 2), Cloth of Gold” (Season 4), and “Woe to Wo Fat” (Season 12). In addition, it appeared in nearly every episode of Magnum, PI, where it was known as Robin’s Nest. A year ago, it went on the market for $15.75 million. Currently, it is listed for $7.8 million. The word is that it is in need of serious restoration. Learn more about it and see pictures on

Update: According to John Hall on Mike Quigley’s Discussion Forum, the Anderson Estate recently (March 2015) sold for about $9 million. Its new owner is a campaign organizer for Barak Obama. From reports that we’ve read about the condition of the property, he will need the nearly two years remaining in this administration to bring the house up to live-in standards. (Mahalo nui to Steve’s Girl)

Diamond Head Road and Kahala. Sad to say, the developers have taken over the ocean side of Diamond Head Road and Kahala Avenue. Along Diamond Head Road, all oceanside property that is not taken by an overlook or the Diamond Head lighthouse has been taken for residences, thereby blocking motorist view of the ocean.

As soon as we pass the streets leading down into Black Point and are officially in Kahala, we see that the beautiful homes, large trees, and impeccably landscaped lawns we saw on Hawaii Five-0 are disappearing rapidly and are being replaced by McMansions that look more Mediterranean than Hawaiian, hide behind ornate gates, and are too often cheaply landscaped. At present, much of this land is bare, the old houses having been razed and their replacements not yet having been built. As we near the Waialae Country Club, we see that McMansions have been built on the inland side of the street, as well, blocking the motorist's view of the golf course.

No longer with us, for example, is Sunhala, Honore Vashon’s home. It was one of two houses comprising the McMillian Estate. It was also seen in “By the Numbers” (Season 1), “The Joker’s Wild, Man, Wild” (Season 2), and other episodes.

Battery Harlow.  See pictures of Battery Harlow, where Obie & Co. held the child and Kono hostage in "The Ransom," Sandi Welles and McGarrett outran Kum Chee's thugs in "Loose Ends Get Hit," and the People's Attack Group held Danno and the professor in "The Young Assassins."

Other Sites. Here are other places to see, some of which made their way onto the show. For example, the old YMCA Building  served as the Albemarle Apartments in "The Hostage" (Season 7). It is now the Hawai'i State Art Museum. The Territorial Office Building was home to the Five-0 Team in Season 9, when restoration closed the Palace to filming. 

Be sure to see the following sites, as well:

* HPD Museum - has a corner dedicated to the original show

* Capitol District

   - 'Iolani Palace – Where the Five-0 office was located

   - State Capitol – Where the governor’s office was located

   - Washington Place – Mentioned only once, in “Rest in Peace, Somebody” (Season 4), but never seen, it is the governor’s residence

   - WYCA Building – Yellow building where Dylan Heywood tried to shoot McGarrett in “‘V’ for Vashon” part 2 (Season 5)

   - Ali'Iolani Hale – Across from the palace, it was where Leonard Tokura testified at a committee hearing in “Samurai” (Season 1) 

     and where Charlie Cadison was murdered in “Deathwatch” (Season 1)

   - Territorial Office Building – Across from the palace, it was Five-0 headquarters in Season 9

* Diamond Head Road – see the overlook and bunker seen in “…And I Want Some Candy and a Gun that Shoots” (Season 3) and

   “Little Girl Blue” (Season 4). See also the Diamond Head lighthouse.

* Kahala Avenue – upscale neighborhood where all the nouveau riche criminals lived. Many of the beautiful homes on Kahala

  Avenue have been razed and replaced by McMansions, but it’s still a visually familiar route. Near the end, you’ll pass the Kahala 

  Beach Apartments, where Jack and Marie Lord lived. At the end, you’ll reach the Kahala Resort (then, the Kahala Hilton), where 

  several episodes were filmed, perhaps especially, “FOB Honolulu.”

* Kalaniana‘ole Highway – Where McGarrett’s beach house was located in “Sing a Song of Suspense” (Season 8). The house is

  gone; the lot is now part of the Kawaikui Beach Park. Also along this stretch, McGarrett pulled off when the artist Duncan’s studio 

  exploded in “Highest Castle, Deepest Grave” (Season 4).

* Portlock – Upscale neighborhood on the east side of Maunalua Bay. Leonard Tokura’s house in “Samurai” (Season 1) was actually

  the Kaiser Estate. Betty Landers’ house in “Bait Once, Bait Twice” (Season 4) and Roger Bancroft’s house in “Use a Gun, Go to Hell” 

  (Season 12) were located there, as well.

* Hanauma Bay – That glorious vista seen in “Cocoon” (pilot), “Beautiful Screamer” (Season 2), and other episodes is located on the

  east side of Portlock and the south side of Koko Head.

* Beach and cliffs in the area of the Halona Blowhole – This is a stretch along the east side of Koko Head and includes the

  overlook (now largely eroded) where Daniel Costigan and Casey Fogarty met in “Up the Rebels” (Season 10), the beach where Alex

  Cline and Wanda Russell met in “Three Dead Cows at Makapuu” (Season 2) and the archaeology students dug in “Highest Castle,

  Deepest Grave” (Season 4). The cliff is where Eadie Hastings leaped to her death in “Up Tight” (Season 1).

* Beach and cliffs at Makapu'u – The beach is where Danno and Yoko flirted in “A Thousand Pardons, You’re Dead” (Season 2). High 

  atop the cliff is the Makapu‘u lighthouse, which we saw from the top in “Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?” (Season 5).

* Makai Research Pier – Seen in numerous episodes, including “FOB Honolulu” part 2 (Season 3), “Murder With a Golden Touch” 

  (Season 6), and “Kill a Mind” (Season 9), among others.

* Pali Highway – The area close to Honolulu was seen in several episodes, first in “All the King’s Horses (Season 2). The area near 

  the Pali Lookout was seen multiple times in Magnum, PI.

* Byodo-In Temple and Valley of the Temples – Located north of Kane'ohe, the temple was seen in numerous episodes, but first in 

  “Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember” (Season 1).

* Turtle Bay Resort (known as the Kuilima Resort when Five-0 was filmed) – Was used extensively in “Thanks for the Honeymoon” 

  (Season 4) and “The Flip Side is Death” (Season 6).

* Pipeline, Sandy Beach, and other North Shore surfing beaches – Seen in several episodes, including “Banzai Pipeline” (Season 6)

  and “Tall on the Wave” (Season 10).

* Kaena Point – Was seen most notably in “Odd Man In” (Season 4). Be careful here, since rental cars aren't allowed beyond the

  point where the pavement ends.

* Agricultural fields along the H-2 and Route 99 through the center of O'ahu – Seen in the days when sugarcane flourished, 

  perhaps most notably in “Run, Johnny, Run” (Season 2) and “Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise?” (Season 4).

* Chinatown and downtown, including Hotel and Maunakea Streets – The episodes are too numerous to mention, although they

  were used notably in “Tricks Are Not Treats” (Season 6).